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88Lab// E36/E30 Turbo Manifold (M5X/S5X

88Lab// E36/E30 Turbo Manifold (M5X/S5X

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Top-mount turbo placement. Fitment is guaranteed for E30 and E36 cars. Other chassis may require clearancing as necessary.

V-band wastegate flanges, standard T4 turbine flange. Contact me for options.

All manifolds include the following:

- 304L runners matched to the cylinder port for optimal strength, flow, spool and power.

- Hand-cut merge collectors smoothed, ported and polished to provide the least amount of restriction into the turbine.

- m10x1.5 tapped stainless turbine flange.

- Professionally TIG welded as well as back-purged for 100% penetration, strength and aesthetically pleasing.

**All sales are final, and non-returnable without prior authorization. If a return is accepted, a 50% restocking fee will be assessed.**

**Build times are usually 4+ weeks but may vary depending on production order & how busy we are at the time. Please contact me with any questions about this product or any other I offer. Thank you!*

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