Meet Owen /Lock City Drift

Meet Owen /Lock City Drift

 Owen Fluckiger Age: 19

Tolland, CT 06084 , 


Years Involved in Motorsports: 3

Brief Bio: Growing up, my passion for cars led me to purchase my first car, a 2007 WRX hatch, at 16. However, my love for BMWs and the drift scene blossomed when I switched to a 2007 E92. I've since dedicated myself to the drift community, owning and enjoying my E36 drift car.

Favorite Motorsport Memory: Learning to tandem and getting the opportunity to tandem with Janco.

Three Fun Facts about Yourself:

  1. I've owned double the number of BMWs as the years I've had my license.
  2. I'm an avid downhill mountain biker.
  3. Sharing the drifting experience with others is my favorite part of the sport.
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