Meet Andrew/ Lock City Drift

Meet Andrew/ Lock City Drift

- **Full Name:** Andrew Janco
- **Age:** 24
- **Location:** Sandy Hook, CT
- **Email Address:**
- **Social Media Handles:** @jz_janks
- **Motorsport Discipline:** Drift
- **Years Involved in Motorsports:** 2 on track

**Brief Bio:**
Andrew Janco has been passionate about cars since a young age, heavily influenced by his father's love for BMWs. With a collection of 13 Euro cars, predominantly BMWs and an Audi, his garage always has space for an e36. Currently, he owns a boosted 318i m42 and a Toyota 1jz big single turbo 328i. His collection also includes a 5-speed swapped V8 e34 for cruising, which might undergo a "stanced" transformation while remaining functional.

Andrew achieved B class at Lock City Drift, showcasing his skills and dedication to the sport.

**Favorite Motorsport Memory:**
Andrew cherishes the experience of a 2-day event with camping, highlighting the camaraderie and thrill of the motorsport community.

**Three Fun Facts:**
1. Andrew has a fondness for the color yellow.
2. He values seat time to hone his driving skills.
3. His adorable dog is a cherished companion in his motorsport adventures.




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